wHatS nEw



We are making some big changes to the way we do perfume samples. Doing away with the little screw top vials in favor of a 2ml atomizer and 0.5ml vial for perfumes.
The vial is the same one we use for the free samples with purchase, and the atomizer is new. These are available on each product page.
SAMPLES ONLY: We have a price break on the shipping for samples. You may order an unlimited number of samples at a flat rate before the shipping goes up. This is for samples only as they are calculated by weight.
If you place other non sample items in your cart, the shipping will increase.


Full Bottle Worthy

You may remember our 50ml flacon from a couple of years back. We have had the last of those bottles printed and they are replacing the 30ml for all of our perfumes, including Signature Naturals and Moderne. Why, because it is such a nice flacon, and we love it!
We are also in the process of having new boxes printed for our Signature line. As soon as they are ready we will make the switch to the new look. Our signature 10ml bottle will not change.


Better Angels

This is our new look. Our signature parfumes available in 50ml and 10ml flacons (10ml shown)
The artwork is from a recent Liz Zorn painting. Better Angels. Chosen because the sentiment fits so nicely with our SOIVOHLE acronym philosophy. Since we first posted this, we are happy to report that the original painting has sold to a collector in California.

Stellar Essence Oils

Our stellar essence oils are getting a packaging upgrade. The image shows our current product, but this will change gradually as we add new labeling and a few new essences. Including: Frankincense Oman, Black Currant Bud, Virginia Blood Cedar, Jasmine Absolute and others.
We have also upgraded our sample size from 1.5 to 2ml for the individual samples. The set of four remains the same for now.
If your oils arrive with a new look do not be alarmed, this is the update in action.