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SPECIAL/CUSTOM ORDERS - For special orders and invoicing we create a custom page here on the website. This allows you to choose your special item and continue shopping for other items on the site, with one convenient checkout. If you would rather be invoiced through paypal email your order to us and we will prepare your invoice.

Lead Time: We have a three to five day lead time on most orders. Orders that come in late on Thursday or Friday will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday.  During the holidays, sales or special offers, our lead time can run 7 to 10 days. Please take this into consideration when ordering from a sale or for holiday delivery.

International Shipping - All of our OIL COLLECTIONS  and SAMPLERS Ship worldwide. Our Signature Natural Spray Parfums and large sized bottles do not ship Internationally. We do not ship to ITALY, MEXICO, MIDDLE EAST AND SOME EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

USPS INTERNATIONAL - Is a first class shipping option that does not have a tracking number. There is a customs number on the form but that will only track within the US. International with a registered mail receipt does have a tracking number attached to the registered mail form and can be tracked. We offer both options. If you are ordering International and opt for the inexpensive option, you do so at your own risk. We do not guarantee arrival of packages and do not offer refunds if you package is lost or stolen. Please consider using the Registered Mail option when placing International orders. Orders that exceed 75.00 USD will be sent registered mail. No exceptions.


If you are outside the United States you may consider a MyUS account. We would ship your package to them and they would ship on to you. You are able to consolidate your US purchases and have them all shipped this way.

Please email to place an International Order. We will get you a shipping quote and invoice you through paypal.


USA SHIPPING - We ship all US orders via. Fedex Ground, USPS Parcel Post. or UPS by request.  The rates for ground shipping have gone up and we have adjusted our ship rate.

Hours: Soivohle is currently an online only storefront. Orders can be placed anytime.

Customer Service: If you have questions or need to contact us email is best. Note that although we have phone number contacts, this will usually go to voice mail, so you will have to leave a message.

Special Orders -  Since we rotate our collection, not all of our essenceswill be available on our website at the same time. Often many are still available upon request. All special orders must be paid in advance. No exceptions. This also includes batching and bottling of custom perfumes.

Holds -  We no longer hold sale items or essences for later payment. No exceptions.

Returns: Unopened packages may be returned, no later than 7 days from date of delivery. Shipping packages that have been opened and resealed are not eligible for return. No exceptions.

Damaged Goods: We will offer a full refund, minus shipping charges, and processing fees. for any damages incurred during shipping. Contact shipper to report damages and file a damage report before returning package.


Liability: Soivohle essences are created as Art pieces, they may be enjoyed as such,  with or without a skin application. With the encouragement of appreciation Arte Sous Verre, as this is how the essences are displayed in our studio.
For skin application here is our statement.
Soivohle/Liz Zorn Mixed Media Arts LLC, claim no liability for the misuse or abuse of our products. Or the oft chance that there is an allergic reaction to a particular essence We recommend that when purchasing our essence for skin application, try a sample to see if the essence is of a compatible nature. It is not recommended that essence be applied to areas of the face and eyes, or on sun exposed skin. Our essences are created in the Artisan style and contain either a blend of all natural, or mostly natural, botanical ingredients, including essential oils derived from plants. Citrus oils, Florals, Balsams, Resins,  Spice Oils, and perfumers grade man made materials. We skin test every formula before release. But we can not predict how an individual will react to our essences. If any irritation occurs. Wash area with clean water. And stop using the essence.
We label our essences with known materials that could possibly cause a reaction, particularly natural botanicals such as Jasmine, Rose, Moss and Vanilla. Materials essential in the creation of natural essences.
We do not knowingly use any chemical additives, or unnecessary ingredients other than Vegetable Glycerin which is added as a humectant to sustain the moisture barrier for skin application, and add longevity to our natural essences.
If there is a history of sensitivity we suggest wearing your essence in a scent locket or sprayed on fabric, to avoid contact with skin.  A physical application of essence is at the discretion of the user. Our Essences are created to be enjoyed in many ways. Skin application is just one of them.
The purchase of any essences from this website constitutes an understanding on the part of the buyer that they are fully aware of the terms and liability conditions set forth herein.

If you have questions about a particular scent, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to provide you with all of the information that you may need.