Stellar Essence Body Oils


Stellar Essence Body Oils

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From our Naturals Collection the Stellar Essence Bath & Body Oils are a collection of Single Note Botanical Essence oils and Absolutes set into our signature carrier blend of Golden Jojoba, Fractionated Coconut and Argan Oils, with Vitamin E.

I have selected some of the finest most precious oils and absolutes in my palette, as well as those that I like for myself and have created for others.

Please use the drop down menu to order: Sizes include 30ml pump and 1.5ml sample vial.

FRENCH LAVENDER - HIgh altitude Lavender from France. These high altitude lavenders are lighter in feel and less herbaceous than most other lavenders. The lack of harshness also makes it one of the preferred oils in this range used by perfumers.

ROSE DAMASCENA - From Morocco this is a sweet full bodied rose oil. A mainstay in many of my perfume blends, I love it by itself and use it often.

LABDANUM ABSOLUTE - A requested item, Labdanum is one of those earthy sweet scents that paired with benzoin and vanilla make a simple amber note. This Labdanum is the thick sticky absolute, but well worth the time it takes to work it down and create this lovely oil.

AGED PATCHOULI - Some people collect stamps, I collect Patchouli. This is an Indian Patchouli that has been aged for ten years. It is sweeter and rounder than new patchouli and has to my nose the scent of horehound candy.

TOBACCO ABSOLUTE - A highly requested oil, this Absolute is a blend of two different absolutes from Bulgaria. Slightly sweet with hay notes and a soft pipe tobacco profile. For the discerning tobacco lover.

VANILLA ABSOLUTE - a wonderfully sweet bourbon vanilla that was processed in France. With so many vanilla options, I still love the absolute. It doesn't blend readily with the oil so it will need a little shake. I also do not like infusing the vanilla into the oil and straining out the resin. The resin lends a touch of boozy, earthy goodness to the sweetness and familiar smell of vanilla. So enjoy it in it's fullness.

HAITIAN VETIVER - I will just say it. I love this vetiver. It has all of the characteristics of vetiver, but more refined. It is sweeter, less smoky with a clarity that comes from the resinous undertones of the oil. If you are a vetiver person straight up in a carrier as this is will probably be your cup of tea, but it is also such a great mixer and plays very well with rose and vanilla.

DARK COFFEE BEAN - This is the most popular of the oils so far. What is it about the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans. I now people who do not drink coffee but love to smell the roasted beans. This oil is all that. Roasted coffee beans in an oil.

COCOA ABSOLUTE - It takes a special kind of person to slather themselves with chocolate, and with this lovely oil, one can do just that without all the mess. It does need a little shake to mix it into the oil, but that's what makes it so much fun. The whole cocoa experience is simply divine.

BLACK CURRANT BUD - one of the more unusual natural oils, black currant bud is green, herbal and grassy. a very complex blend of bright open aromas

FRANKINCENSE OMAN - the finest frankincense from Oman has a smooth profile with a soft lemony undertone, the most balanced of the incense oils

VIRGINIA BLOOD CEDAR - warm, sensual and full bodied cedar, the one that smells like fresh wood shavings, a comforting essence






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