Violets & Rainwater EDT


Violets & Rainwater EDT

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Violets & Rainwater was inspired by the smell of flowers after the rain. It is composed of a fine Parma Violet accord with a hint of dirt and and petrichor. It is based in a radiant musk with vanilla and a touch of moss.

Concentration: Parfum, set into a carrier base of Organic esprit de sucre.

Bergamot, Fraise, Clean Air Accord, Dirt/Petrachor, Apple Juice Accord, Parma Violet Base, Natural Violet Accord, Ozone, Linalyl Acetate, Ambrette Musk, Water Accord, Natural Rose Base, Labdanum, Oakmoss Base, Evernyl, Patchouli, Iris Accord, Velvione Musk
Eau de toilette
Review Notes: Violets and Rainwater is as changeable as fast moving weather.  It opens with pure sweet delicate violets over a mist of clean skin-scented musk, settling down on freshly watered earth. These violets are still growing, watered by rain. After a few minutes all softens down to a fresh creamy child's skin scent, wrapped in crocheted cotton, lacy enough to let the cool air through (possibly their is note). A trace of violet continues to hang in the distance as well as a trace of moist earth but all eventually resolves itself into an aura of delicious skin as soft as pale suede. Excerpt taken from a review at IndiePerfumes.

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