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Closed, Not Closed

As stated in our recent mailing, the perfume counter at my studio is now closed. We will continue to work from the website, and maintain an online presence as we have done for over twenty years.

No Soivohle is not going out of business. I have no idea how these rumors get started.

Perfumes not on the website... There are quite a few perfumes not on the website at the moment. Many of them are available upon request.

No they are not on sale.

The only perfumes on sale are the overstock of the Atelier Collection that were left over from the studio move.

Yes and No.... Some of the familiar names in the Atelier Collection have been reformulated to remove older, less desirable ingredients, any and all animal products, and batched out to a lower eau de toilette concentration.

Most of them smell the same as their older versions, just not as heavy.

Will they return after the sale.. Not right away.

I have a project that has been in the works for about 1.5 years. My desire at this point is to get that off the ground and focus more on the future.

Thanks, Liz

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