SIGNATURE NATURAL EXTRAIT DE PARFUM - Our long running collection of natural perfumes set into an organic cane (esprit de sucre) distillate. Available in an high concentration Extrait de Parfum Spray. These are the the perfumes that started it all. The ones that soivohle is known for.
Often based on personal stories, people in history or just the way a combination of oil smell when blended together. Created with botanical extracts, essential oils, absolutes, balsams and resins, with a much smaller percentage of natural and blended isolates.
Average concentration for the Extrait de parfum 25% - 30%

Parfum Absolute - Signature and Vintage - Our most concentrated essences. This is where all caution and reason are tossed out the window. Often these perfumes are of limited availability due to the rarity and/or availability of materials.
The concentrations are high sometimes 40-50%
This is where you will find vintage scents from our past collections. One of a kind. Limited editions etc.
Including all natural and modern compositions.

SIGNATURE NATURAL EAU DE TOILETTE - The newest addition to our brand, the eau de toilettes are of the same quality and quirkiness as our original natural parfums, in a lighter concentration. 15% to 20%

SIGNATURE CLASSICS EAU DE PARFUM - Our premier mixed media collection with a high level of natural botanical ingredients. Many of these perfumes start out with an all natural palette that is enhanced to a lesser degree with materials that are not available in a natural material. We also use natural isolates instead of their synthetic counterparts where available, and all of the perfumes are set into an esprit de sucre (organic cane spirits) carrier. The aim is to create interesting perfumes using a broader palette. The majority of the perfumes in this collection are 90% or higher in natural materials, with a concentration of 20% - 25%

Studio/Modern: A collection of perfumes (for the most part) that were created at our Scentual Artistry Studio’s. Retail locations.
Available in an eau de parfum with a concentration of 18% - 22% average.

Stellar Essence/Embellishing Body Oils  From time to time we are able to acquire exquisite oils that are just too lovely on their own not to enjoy and share. As such we created these single note massage and body oils a few years ago and they continue to be a favorite of many. The availability is dependent on our available stock, and can change as new things become available.

Huile Parfum Oils - Our newest collection of concentrated oil perfumes. A study in restraint. Sensual familiar smell synergies created with a minimalist palette of extraordinary essences.