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SOIVOHLE' is an independent artisan perfumery owned and operated by me, artist/perfumer Liz Zorn. I launched our first small collection of natural perfumes in 2002 going online with them in 2005. Since then I have expanded the line to include a mixed media collection and various related products. The name Soivohle (pronounced see-voh) is an acronym for Sending Out Inspired Vibrations of Healthy Loving Energy. Yeah! that's how I roll, how we roll here at Soivohle. Keeping the good vibes alive and spreading a little smelly good cheer along our way. 

My back story (recent) - I am a painter and former graphic artist as well as perfumer. When I began Soivohle I had been making perfumes for myself, friends and the occasional client. My work as an artist kept me in touch with all sorts of creative people, and as I got deeper into scent work it felt like an extension of my work as a visual artist. My process is the same, and my motivation is the same. When I launched my first line of perfumes I had no idea that it would take off as it did. I had a job. I never dreamed that my love of scent would propel me into a full time business and smack dab in the middle of fragrance culture. I am still after fifteen years, resistant to get too involved in the external perfume world. Just as I distance myself from much of the visual art world. I like to keep my ideas fresh, my process personal and private and create work that has meaning for me.  So I keep my head down and focus most of my attention on the work. I have learned over these past few years that people want honesty, a human connection and something that they can relate to.

My back story (past) - My interest in perfume began when I was around twelve years old. There was a new age shop near my home that I would frequent, and purchase the essential oils and perfumes they sold, with my babysitting money. Eventually the owners, a husband and wife duo, allowed me to sit in while they made what they called Altar Oils. These were blends they created for meditation and spiritual ceremonies. They were Buddhist and very much into the Indian culture, so naturally, a lot of that rubbed off on me, and is still with me now.

From that time on I continued to collect oils and make my own perfumes. I started collecting vintage perfume books, and books on perfume formulation. I took what I had learned from my childhood perfume making friends and grew my knowledge into a practice that incorporated the basic structures of scent making with the free spirited approach to creating art. This is how I do it today. Pulling from all of the energies that inspire and motivate me.

At Soivohle we are basically a two person show. I handle all of the creative work and my partner/husband handles the logistics, shipping and all of the heavy lifting. It is a true labor of love.

Thank You!! for stopping by and supporting Soivohle. Liz Zorn