In Memoriam

Sending out heartfelt thoughts and gratitude to all those who served and died for our country. And for family gone too soon, loved ones and cherished friends.

We at Soivohle will be taking a little break through this holiday weekend. All orders placed over the weekend will go out Wednesday the 28th.

I am still waiting on the second shipment of matt board for the Rose prints. It is set to arrive the first week in June. Sorry for the delay.


Soivohle News

I have had a lot of interest in the Street Collection Oils that I mentioned in my last post. These are not available onsite, but are available in my studio/shop. As I had mentioned, I will be closing the perfume shop, and moving some of those items to the online shop. Some will be available for immediate sale and others will not.  I will be in the studio on Wednesday taking inventory and packing up a lot of the perfume stuff... I will then decide which scents stay and are moved online and which ones are archived (if any) and which ones go...

NEW MINIS - I am working on labels right now for a new 5ml size that will be available in the Demis and EDT/Colognes... I had offered a smaller pocket spray in the past, but these will be small open cap bottles. I sometimes give these out with orders, and will be adding them to the site soon. They will be available individually and as curated sets..

STUDIO Z - I have had no news about moving yet... Still waiting on studio space in the city. In the meantime Studio Z will be open for business, perfume bar and all, for the upcoming art walk at the Art Center. I will not be moving anything until I have my new lease confirmed. This could be a month, two or three.., so when I know I will pass on the info. The perfume shop will remain as is until that time. and yes I can still come in for special appointments. just shoot me an email or call. My schedule is pretty flexible at the moment, but prefer that it be during regular business hours at the art center which is 11-5 Tuesday thru Friday, 11-3 on Saturdays.

Studio Exclusives-Street Collection

Box label for street collection oils

Box label for street collection oils

Over the years I have created several essences that have remained exclusive to the physical location. Now that I will be closing the perfume boutique and moving my painting studio back to downtown Cincinnati, I am left with a decision to make about the studio exclusive scents. The ones that are most on my mind are the Acousticjus Street Collection oils. These are inexpensive oil roller ball parfums that were created for individuals looking for something nice, fun and not all that complicated. Whereas the bulk of the Soivohle line are either all natural or mostly natural with no scent having less than 85% natural ingredients the Street Collection oils are about 50/50. They do not contain any rare or costly absolutes or painstakingly thought out tinctures. The most complex of them can contain up to fifteen ingredients, while the lesser ones can have as little as three to five. Having said all that I am thinking more about all of the customers and repeat customers who have been purchasing these parfums over the years, and enjoy wearing them. I do not want to just toss them aside as they have garnered quite a local and loyal following.  I will be going through the list and picking out the most popular ones to add to the online store. Things like Fig Black Tea, Dulce Crema, Egyptian Musk, Lilacs In Spring.. Some of the more earthy and masculine scents are lower on the list, but I do not want to leave them out just because they did not sell as well. So as I will not be adding them to the site until I have closed the boutique, I am going to post the titles here and let people take a look and see if anything pops out.


I could of course just offer them all, and let the larger Soivohle/Acousticjus online audience work out the difference, and may decide in the end to do that.  My main concern is space. I currently keep the formula bases and all of the bottles and packaging for all of the parfums at the studio. I need to make room for all this in my stock/work room.

It's crazy just how much stuff accumulates over a few years, and I have been adding to this collection scent by scent, but always working from the other location. Now thinking about moving the other half of Soivohle to the home base I am scrambling to figure out where I will store everything. I really need to be working on that now before I find myself just putting things in boxes to be thought about later, or knowing me as I do, forgetting all about them.


The Soivohle Collection

Since the launch yesterday of the new shop pages I have had a few inquiries about some of the Sale Page Scents. Yes there are less items available. This is because they have either sold out, as much of it is low stock; or we are getting ready to relaunch a new batch. Daybreak Violin is set to relaunch as an EDT and Dog Star Cologne is set to relaunch. Riverwalk was never meant to be part of the collection. It was created for the Peace, Love and Patchouli project a few years back and only a small amount was made. I put the low stock up on the sale page and it sold out. I have since made a new batch and it is available in the collection.

I am going to do an inventory check this week and decide if there is anything that can go on the sale/low stock list.  In the meantime, what is available on the new sale page is really all we have to offer at the moment.

One thing I will not be doing right now is making one off bottles of perfumes that are out of rotation. I just do not have the time to devote to it right now unless you are willing to be on a long waiting list.

Just stay tuned, I will be adding things back to the collection as they become available. I have new batches of a few things aging at the moment and others on the list to be batched. Hopefully by the end of spring we will be back in a groove and I will have familiarized myself with all of the new website features, new payment system etc...

Thank You, Liz

Going Live...

It was my intention today to get my website finished. I am ready to jump in the pool, but it isn't open and the outside temps are more like January than late March. For the past several days I have had a link to the old site store and shopping cart, linking back to the other pages on this new site. Now I will be merging the two web addresses. and Placing a redirect on to bring you here. The new shopping cart is set up and almost all of the product pages are up. I still have to format the Oil Parfums, which include the natural oils and the mostly natural Acousticjus Stellar Oils.

I will be keeping our old merchant account for awhile as a back up just in case we have issues with this new format. Hopefully things will run smoothly. I know it will save me time from entering all of the data by hand. We will still use paypal for special orders and International sales. I am not sure if this new platform accepts the paypal link, need to check that out. I had been more concerned with making the new stuff work, and had not really thought about PP integration. Making a new list...

I love the look of the new shop pages and how easy it is to share everything on this site with your social media. So go on share away !! 👍

Some items are not yet listed and others are in transition. I am not sure what will be added next. I need to do an evaluation from last years top sales. If I have missed anything important it will be added back to the line up. 

So, fingers crossed that everything works. Yay Me!!!.....