Studio Flashback

For the past few weeks I have been working to redo, undo and make new our offerings and collections.
In an effort to streamline the online experience I combined all of the Mixed Media perfumes into one collection. The Classics, a signature collection of perfumes that I created primarily for myself, and the Studio/Modern Collection that was more of a collaborative effort, based on many of the compositions that were created from the blending station in our retail location.

Scentual Artistry Studio: downtown Cincinnati 2010

Scentual Artistry Studio: downtown Cincinnati 2010

The Classics were more in line with what I had created for the Naturals collection. Perfumes with a high percentage of natural materials, more traditional, yet somewhat quirky, but not trendy.
The Studio collection perfumes were more trendy, with less naturals, more gourmand, fruity notes and less complexity. Perfumes created in part by others who wanted to make a perfume for themselves.
Perhaps this collection should have stayed in the studio and not become part of the Soivohle lexicon, but now that the cat is out of the bag and has been so for awhile now, I wanted to go back and curate this collection one more time to include the best of the best.
When I started to whittle down the collection before, I got some resistance from customers. Instead of bringing them all back I have instead been making special small batches for individuals. Keeping track of all these small bottles of formula, my lab fridge filled to the brim, it has not been the best plan.
I am currently working on this collection, to bring back the very best perfumes, and those most requested. Making much smaller batches, just enough for a few bottles and samples. I am also bringing back some of the best of the Classics. Together the offering will be much less than what was originally available, but more true to the vision of Soivohle.

I make these decisions as I contemplate a partial retirement. I want to keep the brand alive as long as I can do the work, maybe five more years, I really don’t see myself doing this and painting full time at seventy. Mentally I could go on forever, but physically I am at a crossroads. Hopefully I will have more good years ahead of me and not have to choose right away. In the meantime I want the best of the Soivohle years to shine through in the work now available.

Liz Zorn