The Road Ahead

It's been awhile since my last Soivohle blog post and as things are starting to change with the collection I have had some time to go over a lot of things and make even more changes. Currently I have the Soivohle line, Acousticjus and getting ready to launch yet another.... Except for the fact that I am changing my mind. It seems that I change my mind a lot with this line.

I have had so many requests to keep the mixed media line and the current scents and also to offer the Natural Absolutes as a spray perfume. I still have a lot of cross over sales with Acousticjus and am going to once and for all integrate a small portion of this line back into Soivohle and drop the separate acousticjus website starting very soon.

The big issue for me is the carrier for the spray perfumes. I am currently looking to do away with all of the alcohol based products except for maybe the Absolutes. I just don't like working with alcohol. It is harsh and very hard on my lungs. So I am thinking about my personal health and exposure to alcohol as well as providing a safer alternative for my customers.

With this in mind I am going to be converting several perfumes to solids and others to oils and a few to water based sprays. I have been trying to go in this direction for a long time and now with this new year and the changes already in the works, this is what is going to happen. I will be keeping the natural line as is for awhile but everything else will be converted and the mixed media scents will stay a part of the line and the already oil based Acousticjus naturals will be offered as soivohle natural oils and solids.

I am currently testing different natural emulsifiers for the natural water based scents and hope to find one that I can live with. I have a system for a mixed media water spray and could make this change as well.

Many of these changes will also be good business decisions as I will not be putting resources into extra web design and website, etc. Everything will be here at and  all under one roof and one brand identity.

Thank's to all who have written or called, I do pay attention and am listening. I want to make this the best of all possible worlds. Hopefully you will be seeing some of these changes soon, with the acousticjus oils and more things in the spring.