Thank You and Goodbye...

Thank You everyone who took advantage of our summer sale. It has been a very interesting week. With the overload after the weekend of packing and shipping I put off going into the city to my painting studio and then I had an accident straining the lower Achilles on my left foot prompting me to take strategic action where movement was concerned, limiting me to doing only what absolutely had to be done. It was the perfect opportunity for me to just sit or lay around with my computer, working on the new labeling for ACOUSTICJUS. Once again and after a couple of years selling AJ almost exclusively in my perfume shop, I am relaunching the website and store for this brand. We will no longer have the AJ oils available through Soivohle once the switch is made. So it will be goodbye and then a cheerful hello to the future of this fun little brand of essence oil creations.

The relaunch of AJ will take place (hopefully) in early fall of this year. I am almost finished with the packaging changes and am working on both an onsite and etsy store to get things going. With Acousticjus being all oils we can ship just about anywhere in the world.

I will also be relaunching the Acousticjus FB page and for the first time it will have it's own Twitter account. The new web address is the same as the old one  The new email is  Bookmark the new site, I will be updating it with new pages and info over the next few weeks leading up to the official launch.

SOIVOHLE - not to leave out our flagship brand, I will not be making any changes to Soivohle other than creating gift boxed sets of mini perfumes for the holidays.