Post Modern - NEW

I have thought long and hard about this new body of work and how to classify it. As perfumery materials have pushed the boundaries from the old classics, into modernism with synthetic materials carrying the major load, to artisan and natural creations. The materials continue to dictate i(n a big way) how things get done.
With the re-invention of the natural isolate and compounded bases, the edge of the envelope is always being pushed to new ends.

Personally I love this forward thinking approach to perfumery and have spent a lot of time reworking many of my old “Signature Classics” accords and bases to either be all natural, or natural with trace amounts of nature identical and man made aroma molecules.
This is the reason I am calling this new collection of perfumes “Post Modern”
In art (generalizing here) post modern is the leaving behind of the old and embracing the new. Moving out of the comfort zone of modernism.
To achieve this in these perfumes I have chosen to work with what I will call the concept of 99. Creating perfumes with just under what is considered 100% natural. Incorporating trace amounts and dilutions of alternative materials.
I chose to go this route because I wanted these perfumes to speak to a feeling that I have had lately, of being light and free from all of the chaos in our current world affairs. An escape, so to speak to a place where joy is a kind of salvation. Something that is needed to weather the larger storms.
Without joy and a lightness of being, we can become hard and brash, so the concentrations of the perfumes are lighter and more open.
My desire is share my joy of home and place through this collection. As well as allowing the materials to push my vision, beyond just my minds eye view, but into the world.

Introductory Offer: Three for two. We will be offering a set of all there scents in 4ml size for the price of two.
Good thru July 2019

Being Still

I received an email recently from someone inquiring about my original blog and the long meandering posts about perfume making and life at the perfume shop/studio.
Those were very busy days with lots of energy in the air. I was working primarily with scent and everything seemed to swirl around in that particular universe.
I had all but closed up my painting studio, showing from time to time and having a collection of older works on the walls of the perfume shop…….. this of course was never my intention. I had planned for the perfume to be an art project originally, yet being the curious crazy person that I can be, I decided to dive in and test the waters.


After a time I was ready to let the pendulum swing back the other way and started painting again on a daily basis.
This changed my day to day and I now divide my time between painting and running the online shop for Soivohle.
I am happy with the collection as it is now, and will continue to add to it over time, when I feel inspired to do so. It has never been about volume to me. I am not a prolific artist, even with painting. Quality over quantity really is how I work. I spend a lot of time reflecting on the work and taking my time with the process. I hope this translates to the larger world and people make their decisions about my work based on this philosophy. The art of being still, moving with the flow of life, not forcing things to be one way or another.

As far as the blogging goes, I do not see myself going back to that frantic pace of trying to do so many things. I will just be blogging here (mostly) from time to time, or when we have something to share.
I am at a place where I truly love my work, and my new schedule fits well with my family life and friends. A good balance after so many years with little to no balance.


Update: The remaining sale items have been moved to the Clearance Page

We are saying goodbye to our Studio Modern Collection to focus on the Signature Classics. Most of the perfumes in this collection are marked down and will not be brought back as a regular offering.

Just added: Our Huile Collection also being discontinued.


Get them while they last.

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Spring Fever

Life in our little river valley has been slow and steady over the winter months.
I have not worked in my lab all winter, although I had a few things on the bench. I am doing some reorganizing and work on the shelves, and will likely be back at it when the weather is warmer.
I had planned on launching a river series this year but am still on the fence about that. As with all of my art, I must feel it artistically or it isn’t worth doing. I am not really there yet with this series, so it is better to just wait it out and do the work when the highest inspiration strikes.


SITE CHANGES: The body oils have been removed from the website. We will bring them back for fall and winter, or maybe just thru the holidays. They do not sell very well when the weather is warm. We will not be offering them as special orders.

I am excited about other artistic ventures coming down the pike for us/me, and will keep you posted.

As always I post all of the Soivohle news on the Facebook page.

Thanks and have a great spring and summer. Liz


Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.



and our heart



December Deals

Free Shipping thru December 10th on all orders
10% off on all orders thru December 10th

Complimentary Natural Essence Oils

Set of three oils
Sampler sets (1ml each) with purchase up to 50.00
Vial screw top (2ml each) with purchase up to 125.00
Flacon (as shown) 15ml each with purchase over 125.00

this offer is in addition to the complimentary perfume samples we slip into each order


We are heading into our third month of the Soivohle monthly draw. Each month we draw a name from the monthly sales receipts. The winner receives a complimentary 10ml bottle of perfume.
The winner for November will receive a complimentary bottle of Incense & Myrrh, from our huile collection.
A complete surprise! so much fun.. The winners do not have a clue until they open the package when it arrives at their door.

Studio Flashback

For the past few weeks I have been working to redo, undo and make new our offerings and collections.
In an effort to streamline the online experience I combined all of the Mixed Media perfumes into one collection. The Classics, a signature collection of perfumes that I created primarily for myself, and the Studio/Modern Collection that was more of a collaborative effort, based on many of the compositions that were created from the blending station in our retail location.

Scentual Artistry Studio: downtown Cincinnati 2010

Scentual Artistry Studio: downtown Cincinnati 2010

The Classics were more in line with what I had created for the Naturals collection. Perfumes with a high percentage of natural materials, more traditional, yet somewhat quirky, but not trendy.
The Studio collection perfumes were more trendy, with less naturals, more gourmand, fruity notes and less complexity. Perfumes created in part by others who wanted to make a perfume for themselves.
Perhaps this collection should have stayed in the studio and not become part of the Soivohle lexicon, but now that the cat is out of the bag and has been so for awhile now, I wanted to go back and curate this collection one more time to include the best of the best.
When I started to whittle down the collection before, I got some resistance from customers. Instead of bringing them all back I have instead been making special small batches for individuals. Keeping track of all these small bottles of formula, my lab fridge filled to the brim, it has not been the best plan.
I am currently working on this collection, to bring back the very best perfumes, and those most requested. Making much smaller batches, just enough for a few bottles and samples. I am also bringing back some of the best of the Classics. Together the offering will be much less than what was originally available, but more true to the vision of Soivohle.

I make these decisions as I contemplate a partial retirement. I want to keep the brand alive as long as I can do the work, maybe five more years, I really don’t see myself doing this and painting full time at seventy. Mentally I could go on forever, but physically I am at a crossroads. Hopefully I will have more good years ahead of me and not have to choose right away. In the meantime I want the best of the Soivohle years to shine through in the work now available.

The Cold Phase

We are starting to get our first taste of Autumn here in the Littme Miami River valley. A welcome relief from last weeks final stand, as the heatwave had it’s moment and then loosened it’s mighty grip.
I have been having some very nice days health wise so taking advantage of it, working in my lab and batching out some of the formulas that had been sitting around collecting dust.
Included in that mad dash are the new eau de toilettes collection, as well as a new Rose LE, a couple of new things for the huile collection yet to come and some new things for the Signature Collection.
I have never really liked cold weather, getting in my car on a cold gray day, driving into the city to work in my studio. But those days are over. This will be my first winter without a studio in the city, or a studio away from home. I have had a lot of decisions to make this year, and many things have been in limbo.
I have decided that I will work for as long as my body will let me and then figure out what to do next.
I also have a renewed interest in some of the older perfume formulas that I never used. Some of them dating back well over twenty years. I look at them now and smile, remembering a different time, I was younger of course haha!!… but also knowing that I can bring them to life with little effort. I want to explore more of this work and perhaps bring more of it to life before I take my final bow.

We are at a time in our history where art is once again taking on an urgency, a sense of uncertainty that has not been expressed in many years. Maybe it is because of my age, or my circumstances, I find myself in a strange place with this, wanting to create perfumes that are less about the world view, but one that is more and more personal. Perhaps as well it is a balancing act, as I am painting more for the world view. Going back and forth with this human energy that weaves a web through air and light, sea and earth. Trying to be on solid ground and knowing that it really doesn’t exist.

Mock Orange Enfleurage

Mock Orange Enfleurage

It is cold today and I want to take a walk down to my back fence-line and center my body, feel my feet on the ground and breath in the scent of pine. Take note of the flattened out spaces under the trees where the deer have slept, and log mental notes of the withering mock orange that lines the fence, thinking that if they produce enough flower next year I will gather them and make scented things.

Update 2018

Hello! It's been awhile since I had anything to say about perfume. I/we have been very busy this summer with many things, perfume being just one of them.
I am still waiting to move into my new art studio, and debating whether or not I want to open a new perfume shop.
I have been offered an opportunity to manage a new art gallery as well as opportunities and financing for a perfume venture. It's been a wild ride and at this point in my life I am not sure I want to add that kind of work load to an already tight schedule.
Physically I have been in pretty good shape lately, so that is a win win, as it could be so much worse.
This in part has been a major factor in the coming release of a new naturals collection. I had about three years worth notes, formulas, scribbles and even a few completed perfumes when I went back in to shape this collection.

EAU DE TOILETTE - My decision to devote an entire collection to this level of concentration was intentional, and has been in my mind and my notes for a long time. With naturals, heavy is often the norm. The idea being that naturals don't last as long so they need to be of a higher concentration. This works only so far, and heaviness isn't always the best route to take, yet is ubiquitous throughout natural perfumery. I wanted to change that and formulate specifically for this concentration level. Not just dilute existing perfumes, (something that rarely translates to a viable perfume)

Mad Mission - fig, gourmand
Metimur - incense spice
Somniabunt - salt, sea, green
Windowpane - sharp, green, iris

The eau de toilettes will be available in 30ml - 10ml and sample sizes
Launch- end of September 2018


EXTRAIT DE PARFUM - We had debated a move away from our snap lock presentation box for the Signature Natural parfums, but decided against it. We will continue to offer this collection as is.



MAILING LIST - We have not updated our mailer for awhile and will be sending one out at the end of the month. Hopefully this will help us weed out some of the bad emails etc.

DISCOUNTS AND SALES: I am emailed often about discounts and offerings. If we have anything to offer in the way of discounts they will show up in a pop up, be listed at the top of the page on the website, sent along with an order, offered through our mailer or through our Facebook/Instagram promotions.
We only have one major sale each year during the late fall holiday season. Occasionally we will have a sale of stock that we need to rotate out, but this is not the norm, since our perfumes are made in very small batches to begin with.
I always say your best bet is to follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list. and/or be a repeat customer. Our analytics keep track of repeat orders that we use to generate coupon codes.
Hope this is helpful.


American Perfumer

We are pleased to announce that Soivohle is now available at American Perfumer. a new and amazing shop in Louisville Kentucky, devoted exclusively to American perfumers and their work.


Spring News

We have just updated our stock in many of the perfumes and ended the Instagram Sale. We will continue to offer the free shipping and discounts on all perfumes and products in the online store.

If you have a discount with purchase coupon code from last year it will run out in June.

Holiday Gift Codes from 2017 are good for a year, from date of purchase so those not used will run out in December.
Just friendly reminders to take advantage of the savings already in your pocket.

Happy Spring, flowers and the rain.. Best, Liz

Winter Retreat

Since the holidays I have been working in slow motion. Instead of shutting down the website altogether for a much needed holiday. I decided to leave it open and cut hours in the lab instead. With several projects started before the holidays I have decided to put them all on hold indefinitely. We may not have a new launch this year.

I do plan on adding the last of the huile parfums later in the year. So in the meantime, if there are any issues with the webisite, questions about a perfume etc. use the contact form to shoot us an email.

Best, Liz Zorn

End of The Line

2017 was a blip. a mad dash to what?? I don't know. a lot of changes have been made. Improvements implemented and a few setbacks.
In regards to Soivohle, I had many projects started and still on the work bench. Our huile et eau collection is moving along slowly with a full launch to be undertaken in the spring. This will include a stand alone website that includes all of our oil inventory. Stellar Essence Oils, Oil blends, perfumes and water based products. We will have international shipping to many destinations. The other work that I had started, the alchemist Series perfumes Marie Louise is on hold with trials still being tested and two more perfumes that I have been wrestling with. a natural Iris perfume and a natural fig. These have been on my work bench for months with ebb and flow attention being paid them. There are only so many hours in a day.

On the art front, I moved out of my large working studio in the city and am set up in a makeshift space in my home sunroom. I still have my small space in the art warehouse and will continue to use it as gallery space. At this point I am not sure when we will be able to move me into my new working studio, but I am in no hurry. A nice stress free winter would be a gift right now.
I have a solo show coming up in May of 2017, so my attention is going to be pointed in that direction. More so than finishing and launching new perfumes. If it comes down to it, I may not launch any new perfumes next year and just focus on getting the huile et eau site up and running.

Family-wise. Mr Z is set to retire at the first of the year, and at the same time he is going to be spending more time in public service as he has been re-elected to village Council and all that entails. Something that he enjoys and is good at.
The adjustments will likely cause us some growing pains. Not used to him being around so much, and now he will be here everyday. But we will work it out, we always do.

For me, I have been feeling pretty good lately. I do have to pace myself and stick to my health plan, but aside from a few leg issues I have not had a major relapse in months. My vision seems to have leveled out and I attribute that to a change in my vitamin protocol. I have been contemplating getting back into martial arts, taking some classes etc. Not sure where that will lead, or what I have retained from the past, or if the need for balance might be too much to ask for. It has been on my mind lately. But whatever happens today I feel great, So yay me!..

We lost several of our furry family member this past year, our oldest girl, her constant companion who likely died from a broken heart,  an old feral boy who needed a last soft place to lay his head, our last outdoor boy taken by the road, and our sweet bird who had been with us for 27 years. We took in one new lost boy, but our brood is thinning out. Beanie and his siblings are nine years old now, and I am still amazed by him every single day.

With all of the turmoil and uncertainty in our country right now, I am focusing my attention to just staying calm and clear headed. The idea that everyday people can change the world seems a fantasy these days. So much is riding against us. So many hard hearts. Still, I refuse to let it swallow me up. Maybe that is the answer, do not be swallowed up.

Be well folks and be kind.. a little kindness goes a long way.



Almost there: starting to bottle and box the perfumes in this new collection. Will have two sizes. a signature boxed 1oml (as seen below) and a 4ml wrapped.
Still on target to have these available by Black Friday. Online and in the studio.


Fall, Winter 2017

It's been a crazy time around Zornville (as usual) I have moved out of my painting studio in the city and am set to rehab the smaller (adjoining) space that I have been using for storage. It's half the size, and is going to be used for gallery space, art walks and as a convenient way for my art dealers to get to my work, without driving the long distance to my house.

huile et eau - I am planning on having the new oil perfume collection available there as well as a couple other retail locations in the area.
I had planned on releasing six fall and winter scents but may trim it down to a solid three to start.

Each scent will be available as a high concentration oil parfum and a water perfume spray. We did try this once before with the Acousticjus line, but that got away from me as I was trying to juggle production and run a retail shop at the same time. Plus be a full time painter... I know it's really nuts, but it is what it is.. Without the retail shop, I do have some wiggle room to do a few things that have been on my mind for awhile.
I have been holding out on releasing these new scents for awhile, and now feel that if I don't at least put three of them out there (already batched) I will be waiting another year.

HOLIDAY SALE - People have been asking if we are going to have a web sale for the holidays. I have not decided yet. It depends on how quickly the work goes on getting the new space ready before Black Friday, which is the next gallery walk at the art center.
If we do it will be the week of Cyber Monday. So a few weeks to go before I have to make the final decision.

I have also put all of the things I have been working on aside for now and do not plan on any new releases in our main collections until next year.

Some of the packaging is getting an upgrade. The 2ml sample sprays will be individually boxed starting next week. We have finished the update on the Natural 30ml packaging, and are now shipping these.
Happy to report that all of our packaging upgrades are complete. This should keep things rolling for the next few years. Yay!!...

Working From Home


My morning meditation left me with more questions today than answers, but that is often the case in life. Beginners Mind..HA!
I was able to finally get the page up for the MOROCCAN ORANGE Parfum. For so long I wanted to bring this back into the collection, but was never satisfied with the quality of materials. This has changed and I am happy to note that we will be able to produce this perfume for awhile without worrying about having to put it back on the shelf.

I have been working like a busy bee lately, trying to get a lot of things accomplished while I have the time. My MS is in it's wonderfully innocuous remitting state at the moment and I feel pretty good for a change.
This is also allowing me to make some changes in my art studio situation. I found out recently that one of the larger studio complexes in the downtown Cincinnati area has purchased the old elementary school in the town where I live and is turning it into artist spaces. This is just down the street from my house, I can walk there. I have already requested a space. So I will be moving out of my larger working studio in the art center downtown, but keeping the small space to store and show my work. This will be such a relief, as I have had such difficulty getting to the city for the past year and a half.
But back to perfume.
I am also working on the return of the Natural absolutes. These are the highest concentration of all the Soivohle essences at 30% and up. Our parfums are in a range of 20% and the new Eau de Toilettes are half the concentration as the parfums. Our numbers are a little bit different than the industry standards. I think this started to change across the board when naturals became more popular. The same percentages really do not translate well to naturals, and I think naturals need their own classification and graduated scale. But that's just me.
I have no plans to offer an EDt in the Naturals, but do intend to introduce a new 30ml for the natural parfum spray. Our traditional perfumes have always sold best in the larger 50ml size so this will not change.
SAMPLES - We continue to get a lot of questions about samples. Our Samples page should explain everything. The flat rate for sample only orders, etc. With the changes to the collection and adding the EDt's The sampler sets and gift sets are temporarily off-line until we can update the offerings.
RETAIL-I have received a few more offers to sell our perfumes in retail settings. I am on the fence about a couple of them and have been putting off another one for over a year. One I have said yes to and the rest, I will get to when I am feeling like I can pull it off. It's hard to deal with a lot of these things when people do not know or understand my situation. I really do want to be a part of the team, but sometimes things just do not work out. The fact that I do not (usually) travel because of my health has been an issue in the past, and sometimes folks are not as understanding as I would like them to be. Still, I am committed to keeping things going and staying true to my dream for Soivohle. This has always been the thing. My thing.
So cheers! and have a great day!!!


eau de toilette

I am happy to announce that we have added an eau de toilette to the Signature Collection.  Available in a selection of essences that transition well to this lighter concentration.
I decided to make this happen for our customers who have been requesting lighter versions of their favorite scents.
With the focus of our line being on natural perfumes, I tend to work with a higher concentration in mind because of the more fleeting nature of naturals. I will continue to offer all of the naturals as is.
We have added two new perfumes to the EDT Collection: Quantum Entanglement and Lizzie Rose. Lizzie Rose is my personal rose perfume that I have been making for myself in a solid for years. Quantum Entanglement is a mash up of previous perfumes with a gourmand-ish feel, that includes ambers, musk, coffee bean, caramel and vanilla.


A few years ago I started work on a collection of soliflore perfumes based on the accords and bases that I use in our perfumes. I found myself creating even more accords and bases and never quite got around to launching the perfumes.
Occasionally I would go back and look over this notebook and work on the formulas, but still not feeling the burn to put a collection together.
That all changed this spring when I started revamping our collection. Just about everything in the Soivohle Collection has distinct intensity to it. There are no polite sit in the corner type of scents to be found. Not that I wanted to create a collection of wallflower scents, I did want to follow through with the soliflores.
I have five of them that I am working on now, and that could change as I hope to launch the new collection in the spring of 2018. This will give me enough time to get through the holiday rush, my commitments to the art world, a possible studio move, and just the time it takes to pull this off.


The collection will be of eau de toilette concentration and each scent will focus on one heart accord, with minimal top and base notes. The entirety of each formula are also minimalist in nature.
There was a time when creating complex perfume formulas was very appealing to me, but just as I am moving back to my comfort zone of creating minimalist art in my studio, I also feel this same energy tugging at me in the lab. Who knows, maybe this is the full circle synchronicity that will define my path for years to come.

For now though, I am excited about the old work that has become new again.

Summer Heat

We have been lucky so far with our weather here in the Little Miami River Valley. For those not familiar, the Little Miami is a tributary of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. We are just north of the city and live along the scenic river trail. Down in a valley our weather can sometimes be very different from what is happening in the city and other higher locations around the tri-state area.

The surroundings are often an inspiration to me. Being in this place has inspired scents like Riverwalk and Rivertown Road as well as the retail version of Honeysuckle Bird that started out as a Bespoke Wedding day perfume.
The best thing about summer for me is the freedom. To walk outside into warmth and sunlight; No coat, no bundling up, just the deep joy of acclimation. Something that I have never quite mastered for those frigid winter days.

I have been doing a lot of juggling lately to get our new site and packaging to the place where I want it to be. having a vision for something and trying to match that minds eye view with reality can cause a bit of friction, but in the end things have gone well.

Now that we have our collection live online and the two new perfumes CUIR BEURRE and PACHOU MIINIMAL (both naturals) available. I am turning my attention to a project that I started some time ago with the Limited Numbered Edition Kentucky Bourbon Rose.
With the retiring of the Street/Studio Collection and our Oil Parfums getting a makeover, it feels like a good time to get back to that place. As a visual artist the idea of creating one of a kind, limited edition works is normal, everyday fare. In perfumery it hasn't really caught on. People seem put off by limited editions or exclusive collections. I have heard words like pretentious, over priced, affected, etc... attached to this train of thought, and I get it to a point, and then again as an artist I rarely think about endless production and/or the bottom line when I am creating a new perfume. I am only thinking of making something that speaks to me and the vision I have in mind. Sometimes I like to make things that do have a beginning and an end. When I created Kentucky Bourbon Rose I did not work from a tight formula, I kept sparse notes, and when the perfume was completed I threw them all away.
There is something quite liberating about working this way and I will be doing more of it in the future.
Art must feed the soul, and for me this is essential. If I am not motivated in this way, I rarely follow through with things. Whatever it is it must be alive and vital.


Living The Dream

I am a restless person. I have a lot of cerebral energy that needs to go somewhere, so I channel it into painting, perfume and songwriting.
A few folks have asked me why I am changing the look of Soivohle again and the simple reason is that it was not working for us. The bottom line on sales show that we had more sales of the 50ml printed bottles than with the 30ml paper label bottles. I can't say why this is. The pricing pr. ounce works out the same.
I also wanted to cut down on my workload of applying labels to everything. It takes a lot of time to do this and I needed to find a way to free up that time for more important things.

Why are we discontinuing the Street Collection: This is simple. The street collection started out as an extension of perfumes I made for people when I had my shop. It expanded to include some other and new scents. It was never really part of the Soivohle idea, so I decided that I needed to get back to the heart of what Soivohle really means to me as an artist. Which is creating natural and mostly natural perfumes that really showcase the ingredients. Perfumes that are made out of love for the art, not the bottom line.

Over the years I have been updating my stock of materials to continue to include the best of what is available to me. This also includes replacing synthetic materials with their natural counterparts wherever available. These materials are much more costly than the synthetic versions, and as time goes on more and more naturals are becoming available. Most perfumes who use synthetics use the standard, cheaper versions. this is fine, and I have to do this as well with some materials. Often times I will weight the option of using something synthetic, or creating a natural version with what I already have. I spend a lot of time breaking down compounds and understanding what is really in a material, so that I can rebuild it naturally. In reality even with the beautiful essences that I work with, there is nothing glamorous about the actual work that goes into creating a perfume. It's tedious work. Fortunately for me, I am wired for this sort of thing. So as we get ready to go back to our 50ml bottle with new packaging, I am thinking of how I want to move forward. Soivohle is now 15 years old and I want to get back to that place where it all started, with a collection that I truly love, and truly love to smell everyday.

Moving forward, I will be focusing exclusively on the exquisite aspect of fine perfumery and the artistry of creation.
In going over my formulas, I know there are a few more perfumes that I want to include in our offerings. Perfumes, for the most part that got lost in the shuffle. It may seem like a huge adjustment to some who didn't know us in the early days, but believe me this is where the best of me lives, and it is my very best work. For the most part people come to know and appreciate this. I live in that space between awkward and quirky, and my art has always been shaped by an intangible thing that is impossible to pin down. The perfection of imperfection, or as the Japanese call it wabi sabi. Like a moth to a flame it just sucks me in and I let it.

So yes I am living the dream, sort of. A revised dream that needs a reboot from time to time to keep me in my own lane.