We have been experiencing some off and on difficulties with our emails. Until we can resolve this to our satisfaction we have added a new temporary email for all of our soivohle sales and correspondence. Thank You.


Art Modern Collection

After some time living with the new collection I am at a place now where I want to make a few changes. This collection has always been close to my heart with so many of the perfumes created from life stories and inspired by my own gardens, people that I love and the pure joy of submerging myself in the creative process that a lab equipped with endless possibilities affords.

The first thing on the list is a change in the line up. Bottleneck Blues will be removed from the collection, and become a scent by request in the future. It is now marked at 50% off for the current stock.

Having to make a lot of Lilacs & Heliotrope and Writing Lyrical Poetry for clients, I am adding both of them back to the collection as limited edition versions. Since first creating these the ability to source the exact same materials has been difficult. I will continue to make them as long as possible with the supplies that I still have on hand. If it come to it I will try and reformulate them so as not to change the profile of the scents. I really don't like when my favorite perfumes are hacked to bits by reformulations, so with my own work I try to keep things as near the original as humanly possible.

I have also removed the sampler for this collection until I know exactly what is going to be added back.

I have had many requests for a return of Rivertown Road, I have the formula out on my bench now and am going to do a run through to see if I have everything to make it. It is a very long list of materials, so we will see how it goes.

Another scent that has been requested is Dog Star. This perfume was not in the collection all that long and dropped when I closed my perfume shop and restructured the collections. There really wasn't a specific reason for deleting it and now it too is being considered.

The truth about this is in the way these perfumes are formulated. Everything in the Art Moderne Collection is mostly natural. It falls right behind the all natural Signature Naturals Collection with the Street Collection being the least natural and more mainstream.

What I love about the Art Modern Collection, besides the desire to use any material I want, is in the ability to also use the most lush and sensual of the naturals. Perfumes benefit greatly by the addition of great natural essences. They add fullness and unique twists and turns in a scents evolution that you just cannot simulate with synthetics alone.

Besides all that is going on with the scents of Soivohle past, I am also working on a new perfume for the Art Modern Collection. As ubiquitous as Vanilla can be in perfume land. I am creating a new vanilla perfume. So far I am on the fifth trial and it is coming along nicely and could be batched out any day depending on how this weeks dilutions pan out.

New Street Collection

Two new perfumes are now available in our Street Collection. EAch are perfect for spring and summer.

For a limited time during the launch we are offering a 5ml sample spray. Normally only available in our Sampler Tin.


As we continue to receive wholesale inquiries, Soivohle has added a new wholesale purchasing option to the website. This is available to retailers and individuals alike, with a wholesale 600.00 minimum for purchase.

The pricing structure allows for an onsite discount for purchase on the minimum with additional free shipping. This is the same pricing structure that we have always had for our wholesale clients.

This is a much easier option for us as well as those who would like to purchase in larger numbers, without all of the back and forth of emailing, letter writing and the like. Just request the pass code and use the discounts provided to order as usual on the site.

Please send email request for access. This is a password protected page.


Pricing and shipping Update

With much consideration, I have decided that our brand will remain exclusive to our online store. After closing our retail location two years ago I had intended to add a few retailers back to our little nest of sellers. Now that I am dividing my time between Soivohle and my painting career, I find that the demands are greater than anticipated.

This is not to say that we will not reach out again in the future, but for now I will be the chief cook and bottle washer around here.

Great news for our online customers because as we are not calculating a wholesale cut into our pricing I have made some adjustments to our prices across the board. We will be passing the savings on, to you our customers.

The greatest cuts have been to the Moderne Collection with a 30% savings then Street Collection with 20% and finally Naturals with a 15% savings.

I will be trimming the line and discontinuing the Natural Oil Parfums at the end of the month and adding the Street Collection Oils back to the website soon along with our new Street Collection perfume Gardenia Batik.

We will be implementing a modest shipping rate for all US orders and will continue to have a discount code of 10% off and free shipping for orders of 150.00 and up.

Thank You All for hanging with me/us over the years. Liz Zorn


We have updated our shipping to include Free Shipping on all US orders. Sample and sampler orders will ship in bubble mailers USPS First Class Parcel and Regular boxed orders will continue to ship FedEx Ground.

International Shipping is still oils only and price quoted according to destination, weight of package and insurance rates.



A big thank you to all of our customers and friends who have been so supportive of Soivohle. We move into the new year with a few good things on our plate, including the relaunch of a couple of favorites and the long awaited natural solids.

Look to see our new offerings in the spring and summer months.

We will be adding back the small 2.5ml atomizer sampler sets once we have our stock replenished. The vials are on back order and we will get them back online asap.

Feeling the good vibes, 2016 is going to be a great year! Best, Liz Zorn


Short Break

As we gear up for our fall and winter season, I am taking a few days off from Soivohle. A little down time before the rush. The shopping cart is still functional and you may place an order. It will be filled when I am back in the lab next week.

Thank You, Liz Zorn


The New Art Moderne page has finally launched. I know that some folks are happy with the selections and some were hoping that their favorite would be back. Of course this is the first wave of the launch, but still will be a very tightly trimmed collection going forward.

We have offerings in the 30ml presentation flacon, 5ml pocket spray and a three piece sampler tin. I hope to have the image of the sampler tin up before weeks end, but am now busy with the first orders since the launch.


Week in Review

More like two weeks but who's counting. I am moving right along with the new stuff. Have made my selections for the relaunch of the mixed media "Art Moderne" collection. If you are not seeing something it may be on the way, I have yet to batch Lilacs & Heliotrope and Rivertown Road. 

Soivohle Art Moderne - Mixed Media perfumes in 30ml atomizer flacons

Soivohle Art Moderne - Mixed Media perfumes in 30ml atomizer flacons

This is how it will look. I have chosen the artwork for each scent from my original paintings. I am very pleased with the first efforts and love how the images work with the scents themselves. I will be adding these all in one swoop, hopefully be weeks end.

STREET/STUDIO COLLECTION - These are also coming along. I will be bottling more this week and adding them to the website. Once I am finished with this first wave of relaunches, I will take a little break from adding more. My other day job is calling and I also have art obligations to attend to.

FALL/WINTER 2015 - I hope I can pull this off. I really want to launch my Alchemists Collection this fall. It is a naturals collection inspired by real life Alchemists throughout history. Some that have been favorites of mine and some who are more like mystical thinkers, scientists and magicians. I have two of the formulas finished. Paracelsus, who needs no introduction and Twelve Keys, based on the twelve keys of Basil Valentine.

SHIPPING - We go back and forth with shipping and what can ship where, laws changing, rates going up, etc... We do not ship anything to the EU UK anymore. Reasons: the codes for shipping alcohol have changed, we can ship to some countries, but the three page form that we used to have to fill out with Fedex is no longer applicable for some places and each country has their own set of codes. It takes forever to look these up and make sure they are the right noes for the country, and then there is a chance even when everything is done properly the items will still not pass customs. There are also brokerage fees in some countries with Fedex that rival the cost of shipping, which is also very high.

We still ship oils Internationally and samples to some places but it is very limited. I would suggest to our International customers is to set up a liaison account with a company like MYUS or something similar, where we can send your packages to them and they can send them on to you. I think they would have a better chance of getting through to you, and possibly cost less in the long run.

WHOLESALE/RETAILERS - I have set up a new wholesale page and am in the process of contacting some of the retailers who have expressed an interest in carrying Soivohle. When I closed the perfume shop last spring I also ended some retail relationships so that I would be able to regroup and restructure Soivohle. I needed to be able to manage the day to day, and have time for other things, like family or reading a book, or even having dinner with a friend. Closing the store made a huge difference, and it has allowed me to slowly put into place the changes you see happening now.

My aim is to keep the website, and work with other shops and sellers. If it all works out Soivohle will be in a few new places by the first of the year.

Embracing The New

Well I am down to three formulas. Yep 3, three, three, three.... to be batched out for the launch of everything.. I think I am going to make my fall deadline, and could not be happier. Yesterday I batched Green Oakmoss (and I still smell like it) and Violets & Rainwater. After a little tweak to Anniebelles Rose I am going to make the perfume today. Since it had always been an oil the profile was a bit off for an alcohol based perfume, but fear not, I have fixed it..

Here are a couple of images of the new look. The Street Collection has collided head on with the old Studio Collection. It makes perfect sense because they really are the same thing. The Studio Collection began as an offshoot of our Scentual Artistry custom and customer perfumes, and Street was the incarnation when we moved our perfume shop to the new location.  I decided to keep the name Street because many of these perfumes really were a product of people walking in off the street and creating a fragrance. I made changes to them for the collection, to give them more body and a finished composition, but the reality really is Street...

Street Collection EDP, 60ml Flacon

Street Collection EDP, 60ml Flacon

After a ton of work on the new Signature Naturals packaging, it is finally finished and we can now set up the labels to be run on the big printer. I wanted to go all out with the packaging for this collection. Not since our original snap closure black box have we had such a nice set up. I was heartbroken when we lost the manufacturer of those original boxes and have not been very happy with anything since. Now I am, and even more so that my original artwork is the imagery for the box sleeve.

I am doing the same thing for the Art Moderne Collection. The best of the best of our mixed media perfumes.

and how about this website... isn't it amazing. I am head over heels about this new template, layout and design. It is more me than anything we have ever had. Everything is. I could not be happier with it.

.........and grateful, don't even get me started. A lot of fire has been walked through to get to this place, and I thank my lucky stars that I am still here walking the earth. Life can toss us a lot of crap, and it can lift us to the heavens. Enjoying this little jog through the clouds at the moment and thankful for all the wonderful folks who have helped me along my way.

Pardon Our Dust

I find myself in the middle of unfinished business here. The new web pages and product pages are coming along but still not finished. Everything should be easy enough to navigate but if there is a problem feel free to shoot us an email.

Our new packaging is so me... A last minute decision has me making some changes to the wrap for the presentation box. This artwork is from a painting that I did a few months ago called "Closer" I really like how this imagery captures the feel of the naturals collection so I am creating a wider wrap that covers the entire box, and shows more of the artwork.

our new look - almost... a few little changes and it will be perfect...

Burning The Midnight Oil

Taking some time off from painting to get the new Soivohle packaging and perfumes ready for fall and the holidays. We have had to order a ton of materials for re-batching some of the out of print naturals as well as the new mixed media collection Art Moderne.

I had am email this week asking how we set our prices, as well as noticing a discussion about perfume pricing on a message board, so there is surely something in the air, and maybe it got people to thinking,.. and although I don't feel I have to answer such questions, I am going to elaborate a bit here about things that are on my mind and on the table right now at Soivohle.

Speaking of perfumes only. I am getting to the place where I feel it would be beneficial to average the pricing and set everything at the same price. This will raise the prices of the lower priced perfumes and lower the price of the higher range perfumes.  I am still crunching our numbers, but also know that my cost pr kilo has gone up considerably since the last time I did my price pr unit estimations for our itemized tax sheet. Making several switches to more naturals in the mixed media collection as well as going organic with the carrier across the board has also made a difference. If you price it out, the cost of something like a natural Ionone Alpha is considerably higher than the synthetic., and although I had been using the natural Ionones for years, many other natural versions of aroma chemicals are becoming available, and as they do I switch them out with the synthetics, so that even with the mixed media scents the cost of materials are comparable to the naturals. Sometimes more so.

I get it, people like a bargain, and I try to offer various sizes and price points so that more people can enjoy the perfumes. This is why it is hard to restructure and make striking changes in pricing and volume. It will make some people angry and others will just stop buying. Each time we make a big change, we lose some people, but gain others who appreciate what is going into the creation of the perfumes.

My aim, as it has always been, is to keep bringing interesting things to the table. Keep it real and always take the bumpy road that leads into the weeds.

However I decide to go with our pricing, and changes over the next few weeks, it will be what works best overall for Soivohle. At the end of the day it is a numbers game, and the numbers do not lie. For example, this computer I am working on right now, this website, the internet connection are all part of that numbers game. It's a big game, and for a small business the game can be a bear. But we make it work. I make it work. It is truly a labor of love, but not free love. Nothing is free...

Hello It's Me

Over the past few days I have realized that this splitting of worlds that I am engaged in becomes a never ending balance and jump rope to answer questions correctly and say yes, I am THAT Liz Zorn. On the one hand there is the art world where I am known as a painter. Rarely does this life bleed over into my work as a perfumer. As a perfumer it happens a lot because I use my art work as the backdrop for all of the Soivohle packaging design, often based on my original paintings. The new package design is created directly from scans of my original art. It is then digitally altered and formatted for bottle and box sized labels and cards, promotion brochures and the like. Even though this is true, the majority of people who visit the website or purchase perfumes are still unaware of this double life.

The name of my company is "Liz Zorn Mixed Media Arts LLC" it is set up this way to include all of my work income: art, music and perfume. Yes I said music, and that is another thing that can wait for another day.. But for the art and perfume, particularly where sales are concerned, this is the name (or something like it) that should appear on your credit card statement. I recently had a lady who was very confused about this. She had purchased perfume and had no idea who Liz Zorn was. It was such a distressing thing for her that when she called to discuss what she thought was a mistake on her statement, she then asked in a high pitched yowl. "Who the f*#K is Liz Zorn. I said, well... that would be me. I am Liz Zorn, I am Soivohle. It says so right there on every page of the Soivohle website. She was having none of it, proceeded to tell me off and hung up.

Most people do make the connection, or at least check the website before calling or sending an email. But still it is another example of this splitting of worlds. For me, I have been doing this for a very long time. I had my first art job at the age of 15, and had studied the art of oil blending at an even earlier age.  I worked as a graphic artist and have painted my entire life. I only began to take seriously my love of scent in the early 1990's when it was easier to source materials, launching my first retail collection in 2002.

TODAY - things are moving again. I have already redesigned the Naturals Labels with new artwork from one of my paintings, and now have the final design chosen for the artwork that will be on the new and completely revamped Mixed Media Perfumes. Going back to one of our old tag lines Art Moderne. As you can see from the image the bottles will also be different. We are down to the last few printed bottles in the 50ml size and are no longer using them. We are changing all of our large sized bottles to the 30ml as in the photo. If they prove out over the next few months, we may go ahead and have them printed and forgo the paper labels. I am on the fence about the 11ml bottle. I plan to keep it as a gift option with refill (already available) but may decide against having more of them printed once our current stock runs out. At the moment I am liking the new labels, as they say a lot about what Soivohle is and who I am.

At the end of the day when all is said and done, I am an artist, I make things. It is my passion and livelihood. I can be focused, scatterbrained, emotional, moody and a complete pain in the ass. I throw it all out there regardless of the consequence. I have had conversations with people who say they only present a certain persona to the public, because they don't want anything to affect their business. I would explode if I did this. Literally explode if I could not be myself. We only get one chance in life to live our passion. To stand up and give voice to the things that matter.

I am a bulldozer and I am a flower. A sharp edge and a feather.

Circling Back Around

The grand experiment didn't work out so well and now I am back to square one. A good thing for many reasons.

You may have noticed the last few months our Clearance Page for the Mixed Media perfumes. Many of these are long gone and will not be back. The collection is being whittled down to the very best perfumes, which include those with a high naturals content, closest to our actual Signature Naturals Collection. The main thing that is changing are the carrier materials. In order to ship Internationally we used a high IPM base for the perfumes. This will go away. Also gone are the denatured spirits. We have always used natural organic spirits for the natural perfumes, and will carry this across the board to all of our spirits based scents. The aim is to offer a healthier alternative and still be able to create from a broader palette. I will still take custom requests for our International customers. I will just not be working with these materials in large order on a daily basis.

With the change comes a change in the look. In the past our packaging for the naturals and the mixed media were pretty much the same. This will change. I have continued the new trend of choosing artwork from one of my original paintings as the artwork for the packaging. Here is the new mixed media label. As you can see I am also bringing back the original Art Moderne tagline for this collection.

There has been a lot of inquiry about many of the discontinued scents. As you can see Carpathian Oud will be back. I will also be bringing back Violets & Rainwater. Green Oakmoss, Lilacs & Heliptrope, Bottleneck Blues, Rivertown Road, a new and improved Journeyman, Honeysuckle Bird and one of the rose scents, not sure yet what I am doing with the rose. I am slo going to bring back Palomino and Moroccan Orange.

Things that will not make the cut are Transcendental Orange (musc) Lavande Legato, Figgy Plum, Oris Ochre, Massive Patchouli, and a few others.

This collection was growing like a weed the past few years and it was time to make some drastic changes, trim it down and start over. Only the best of the best will be included.

Look for the first wave of the new launch in early fall. Sooner if we get all of our packaging in. thanks so much for your continued support.

More News - International Shipping

Well, we gave it a try. The International ordering options have been removed and we will be going back to our previous arrangement of order by email. If you would like to place an International order, send me an email with the items that you would like to purchase. Be reminded that we will not ship the full size Signature Collection perfumes Internationally. Any and all of the oil perfumes and body oils can ship Internationally, as well as mixed tin samplers from all collections.

I will create a custom page with shipping, here on the website where you can make your purchase and check out. or I can send you a custom paypal invoice for your order.

Thank You for your understanding, Liz Zorn/Soivohle