Working From Home


My morning meditation left me with more questions today than answers, but that is often the case in life. Beginners Mind..HA!
I was able to finally get the page up for the MOROCCAN ORANGE Parfum. For so long I wanted to bring this back into the collection, but was never satisfied with the quality of materials. This has changed and I am happy to note that we will be able to produce this perfume for awhile without worrying about having to put it back on the shelf.

I have been working like a busy bee lately, trying to get a lot of things accomplished while I have the time. My MS is in it's wonderfully innocuous remitting state at the moment and I feel pretty good for a change.
This is also allowing me to make some changes in my art studio situation. I found out recently that one of the larger studio complexes in the downtown Cincinnati area has purchased the old elementary school in the town where I live and is turning it into artist spaces. This is just down the street from my house, I can walk there. I have already requested a space. So I will be moving out of my larger working studio in the art center downtown, but keeping the small space to store and show my work. This will be such a relief, as I have had such difficulty getting to the city for the past year and a half.
But back to perfume.
I am also working on the return of the Natural absolutes. These are the highest concentration of all the Soivohle essences at 30% and up. Our parfums are in a range of 20% and the new Eau de Toilettes are half the concentration as the parfums. Our numbers are a little bit different than the industry standards. I think this started to change across the board when naturals became more popular. The same percentages really do not translate well to naturals, and I think naturals need their own classification and graduated scale. But that's just me.
I have no plans to offer an EDt in the Naturals, but do intend to introduce a new 30ml for the natural parfum spray. Our traditional perfumes have always sold best in the larger 50ml size so this will not change.
SAMPLES - We continue to get a lot of questions about samples. Our Samples page should explain everything. The flat rate for sample only orders, etc. With the changes to the collection and adding the EDt's The sampler sets and gift sets are temporarily off-line until we can update the offerings.
RETAIL-I have received a few more offers to sell our perfumes in retail settings. I am on the fence about a couple of them and have been putting off another one for over a year. One I have said yes to and the rest, I will get to when I am feeling like I can pull it off. It's hard to deal with a lot of these things when people do not know or understand my situation. I really do want to be a part of the team, but sometimes things just do not work out. The fact that I do not (usually) travel because of my health has been an issue in the past, and sometimes folks are not as understanding as I would like them to be. Still, I am committed to keeping things going and staying true to my dream for Soivohle. This has always been the thing. My thing.
So cheers! and have a great day!!!


eau de toilette

I am happy to announce that we have added an eau de toilette to the Signature Collection.  Available in a selection of essences that transition well to this lighter concentration.
I decided to make this happen for our customers who have been requesting lighter versions of their favorite scents.
With the focus of our line being on natural perfumes, I tend to work with a higher concentration in mind because of the more fleeting nature of naturals. I will continue to offer all of the naturals as is.
We have added two new perfumes to the EDT Collection: Quantum Entanglement and Lizzie Rose. Lizzie Rose is my personal rose perfume that I have been making for myself in a solid for years. Quantum Entanglement is a mash up of previous perfumes with a gourmand-ish feel, that includes ambers, musk, coffee bean, caramel and vanilla.


A few years ago I started work on a collection of soliflore perfumes based on the accords and bases that I use in our perfumes. I found myself creating even more accords and bases and never quite got around to launching the perfumes.
Occasionally I would go back and look over this notebook and work on the formulas, but still not feeling the burn to put a collection together.
That all changed this spring when I started revamping our collection. Just about everything in the Soivohle Collection has distinct intensity to it. There are no polite sit in the corner type of scents to be found. Not that I wanted to create a collection of wallflower scents, I did want to follow through with the soliflores.
I have five of them that I am working on now, and that could change as I hope to launch the new collection in the spring of 2018. This will give me enough time to get through the holiday rush, my commitments to the art world, a possible studio move, and just the time it takes to pull this off.


The collection will be of eau de toilette concentration and each scent will focus on one heart accord, with minimal top and base notes. The entirety of each formula are also minimalist in nature.
There was a time when creating complex perfume formulas was very appealing to me, but just as I am moving back to my comfort zone of creating minimalist art in my studio, I also feel this same energy tugging at me in the lab. Who knows, maybe this is the full circle synchronicity that will define my path for years to come.

For now though, I am excited about the old work that has become new again.

Summer Heat

We have been lucky so far with our weather here in the Little Miami River Valley. For those not familiar, the Little Miami is a tributary of the Ohio River in Cincinnati. We are just north of the city and live along the scenic river trail. Down in a valley our weather can sometimes be very different from what is happening in the city and other higher locations around the tri-state area.

The surroundings are often an inspiration to me. Being in this place has inspired scents like Riverwalk and Rivertown Road as well as the retail version of Honeysuckle Bird that started out as a Bespoke Wedding day perfume.
The best thing about summer for me is the freedom. To walk outside into warmth and sunlight; No coat, no bundling up, just the deep joy of acclimation. Something that I have never quite mastered for those frigid winter days.

I have been doing a lot of juggling lately to get our new site and packaging to the place where I want it to be. having a vision for something and trying to match that minds eye view with reality can cause a bit of friction, but in the end things have gone well.

Now that we have our collection live online and the two new perfumes CUIR BEURRE and PACHOU MIINIMAL (both naturals) available. I am turning my attention to a project that I started some time ago with the Limited Numbered Edition Kentucky Bourbon Rose.
With the retiring of the Street/Studio Collection and our Oil Parfums getting a makeover, it feels like a good time to get back to that place. As a visual artist the idea of creating one of a kind, limited edition works is normal, everyday fare. In perfumery it hasn't really caught on. People seem put off by limited editions or exclusive collections. I have heard words like pretentious, over priced, affected, etc... attached to this train of thought, and I get it to a point, and then again as an artist I rarely think about endless production and/or the bottom line when I am creating a new perfume. I am only thinking of making something that speaks to me and the vision I have in mind. Sometimes I like to make things that do have a beginning and an end. When I created Kentucky Bourbon Rose I did not work from a tight formula, I kept sparse notes, and when the perfume was completed I threw them all away.
There is something quite liberating about working this way and I will be doing more of it in the future.
Art must feed the soul, and for me this is essential. If I am not motivated in this way, I rarely follow through with things. Whatever it is it must be alive and vital.


Living The Dream

I am a restless person. I have a lot of cerebral energy that needs to go somewhere, so I channel it into painting, perfume and songwriting.
A few folks have asked me why I am changing the look of Soivohle again and the simple reason is that it was not working for us. The bottom line on sales show that we had more sales of the 50ml printed bottles than with the 30ml paper label bottles. I can't say why this is. The pricing pr. ounce works out the same.
I also wanted to cut down on my workload of applying labels to everything. It takes a lot of time to do this and I needed to find a way to free up that time for more important things.

Why are we discontinuing the Street Collection: This is simple. The street collection started out as an extension of perfumes I made for people when I had my shop. It expanded to include some other and new scents. It was never really part of the Soivohle idea, so I decided that I needed to get back to the heart of what Soivohle really means to me as an artist. Which is creating natural and mostly natural perfumes that really showcase the ingredients. Perfumes that are made out of love for the art, not the bottom line.

Over the years I have been updating my stock of materials to continue to include the best of what is available to me. This also includes replacing synthetic materials with their natural counterparts wherever available. These materials are much more costly than the synthetic versions, and as time goes on more and more naturals are becoming available. Most perfumes who use synthetics use the standard, cheaper versions. this is fine, and I have to do this as well with some materials. Often times I will weight the option of using something synthetic, or creating a natural version with what I already have. I spend a lot of time breaking down compounds and understanding what is really in a material, so that I can rebuild it naturally. In reality even with the beautiful essences that I work with, there is nothing glamorous about the actual work that goes into creating a perfume. It's tedious work. Fortunately for me, I am wired for this sort of thing. So as we get ready to go back to our 50ml bottle with new packaging, I am thinking of how I want to move forward. Soivohle is now 15 years old and I want to get back to that place where it all started, with a collection that I truly love, and truly love to smell everyday.

Moving forward, I will be focusing exclusively on the exquisite aspect of fine perfumery and the artistry of creation.
In going over my formulas, I know there are a few more perfumes that I want to include in our offerings. Perfumes, for the most part that got lost in the shuffle. It may seem like a huge adjustment to some who didn't know us in the early days, but believe me this is where the best of me lives, and it is my very best work. For the most part people come to know and appreciate this. I live in that space between awkward and quirky, and my art has always been shaped by an intangible thing that is impossible to pin down. The perfection of imperfection, or as the Japanese call it wabi sabi. Like a moth to a flame it just sucks me in and I let it.

So yes I am living the dream, sort of. A revised dream that needs a reboot from time to time to keep me in my own lane.

New Sample Size

We have added a 2ml atomizer, sample spray for each of the parfums listed in our Signature Natural and Moderne Collections.
Shipping is set at a flat rate up to 5 samples.

A second option of 1/2 ml sample vials has also been added. These have the same standard ship rate up to and including 5 samples.
When ordering, you may want to take into consideration that you also get three free samples with purchase. These are 1/2 ml each.

If you are ordering samples only they will ship in a mailing pouch, unless you order 5 or more 2ml spray vials. That will ship like a gift set in our signature box.
We are currently waiting on a box order, so will continue using our Sampler Tin Gift Box until we are able to switch over to the new packaging.

Unfortunately, as most of our Archive/Sale items are already bottled and/or boxed we do not have extra for samples of these scents unless they are listed in the free sample drop down menu at checkout.

Spring Inspiration

The weather this year has really inspired me to create new things. Not to mention our upgrading of the Soivohle packaging. For years I have been creating the labels for all of our packaging while using stock plain black or white boxes.
We had the bottled printed which eliminated the task of putting labels on bottles, but ran out and went back to the old way. Now we have a full stock of the printed bottles, and enough bottles to continue for some time with the same design.


With that in mind I felt it was time to upgrade the boxes. Each of the major boxes that we use, the 50ml the 10ml and the sampler box (previously a tin) will all have their own box. The new design is almost ready for the printers, and will be covered in the artwork from one of my original paintings "Better Angels I" Taking us to the color blue once again.


This image is not the actual box but a good idea of where we are going. Like I said it will take a lot of the work out of packaging, save on printing costs for labels and make me a much happier girl.
NEW LAB STUFF - With all of this change in the air, I decided to go back and pull out some of the best scents from our past collections. My aim here is to have the Signature Natural Collection and a Modern Collection that is mostly natural. In doing this I have upgraded many of the materials to include the natural versions of aroma chemicals, such as natural ionones over synthetic, natural building blocks for Jasmine, Rose and many others. I had been doing this with many of the perfumes already, but knew that I could upgrade to include even more naturals. It is a costly investment, so doing so took a commitment on my part to see it through indefinitely. This is why we have removed the Street Collection from the permanent collection. It was the most mainstream with highest percentages of synthetic materials and the the lowest cost to produce. I have been asked if there are any that will return, and as I work out the formulas I can say that Raspberries & Black Pepper will return with a higher percentage of natural materials and possibly Leather Krem. I haven't decided about making them as custom scents. Perhaps batching formula to keep in cold storage, as I do with some of the others. This of course is not fully sustainable because I only have so much room to store things. Whatever we have available in this area, as well as low stock, dinged boxes, bottles only, will all be moved to the Archive/Sale page. The page is live with a link now in the main menu. Once we go live with the entire new collection and packaging it will be moved off menu and accessible through the About link only.
NEWER LAB STUFF - For awhile now I have been working out some kinks in a couple of new natural perfumes. One is ready to go with only the need to make a larger batch. It will be a Patchouli centric parfum with a light flowery heart and earthy amber base. Think dirt after rain with soft flowers all tinged with patchouli. I will be sending out samples soon with orders, so this one is almost a done deal. Next is a white floral natural parfum. I have wanted to add more florals to the naturals collection but my artistic personality always has me working with dark, murky notes. Hopefully this will change. What I have so far is a green lime opening with a floral, Jasmine, Lilac, Lily, Rose heart accord and a natural musk vanilla dry down. These are abit tricky because the base needs to be accommodating to the heart and not clobber it over the head. But... so far so good.
Anyway this is what's been happening at Soivohle. Enjoying the warmer temps and creating new things.

Sales Update

As we get closer to the launch of the new packaging the sales will stay active on the website. Everything in the Street Collection is now 50% off. Once we remove that page whatever is left will be moved to the Archive/Sale page. This will be a semi-permanent page on the website.

It takes time to go through a lot of back inventory and decide what will be sold off. I can't say off hand if a particular scent is available or not. I know folks like to get answers quickly, but I am not in the storeroom everyday, so it may take several days to get back to you.

All of the sale codes and free shipping can be used with this site sale. Including the 10% off 150.00.

As we continue to update the new site template we will also add back the info about all of our offers.

thanks for your patience..

Hello From The Little River Valley

It's been awhile since I last rambled on about perfume, or made any major changes to the brand. This past year has been a challenging one. Since I returned to full time painting, I have been trying to figure out how to juggle two full time jobs, doing things that I love. I had some health issues that sidelined me for awhile, but I am feeling great now, and taking advantage of my good fortune.

As you might notice, I have put the Street Collection on sale. This was a mix and match of perfumes that I made when I had my shop. I added a couple of others in lighter concentration (Leather Krem and Raspberries & Black Pepper) to round things out. I am at a place now where I can either devote a chunk of time to keep this collection going in that direction, or cut the strings and let it go. I have decided to let it go. I do this because the main focus has always been on naturals and mostly natural perfumes. In this regard I am taking my lead from the wise and valued customers who have been supporting soivohle all these years. I will be expanding the Art Moderne Collection (mostly natural) by bringing back several perfumes that I had only been making by request. Included so far are: Lilacs & Heliotrope, Rivertown Road, Red Canyon Sutra, Honeysuckle Bird and Daybreak Violin. I really want to bring back Centennial as well and I have been trying to put together all of the materials I will need to make it. Some of these perfumes have unique tinctures and accords that will have to be modified, due to the inability to source the exact same things as the original. Things such as a particular Rose Absolute, or Vanilla Beans, Jasmine, Osmanthus Absolute, etc. So often these materials have a great vintage, I buy a lot and use it until it is gone. When it comes time to buy again, the original vintage is long gone and I have to start the process of finding that rare gem of an oil to complete the project.

With this in mind, I realize that there will be slight changes to the end result. Not that the formula has changes, they do not. But rather the natural materials have nuanced differences, that may or may not be noticeable to the end user.

With time being a precious commodity these days, I am also cutting my work load by re-incorporating our 50ml Signature bottle. We will also be adding a new box design that we will be using for all of our perfumes. Everything will be available in the 50ml and 10ml signature bottles. This means that I will not be making unique labels for all of the perfumes, saving myself tons of time printing and labeling bottles and boxes.

The artwork on the packaging is from a new painting of mine called Better Angels. I have been in a strange mood lately in my art studio, trying to pull from my devotional life of meditation and peace energy. Blocking out the ugliness of the world and staying focused on the things that are most important to me. I found myself going back and re-reading Lincolns first inaugural address, in particular the last paragraph. It speaks to me and I imagine to many in these heated days, where we seem to have lost our love for one another.

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Abraham Lincoln

We hear in the news that creative people should just stick to the script. That creatives not have opinions about world affairs, or if they do, not repeat them out loud. I can say that being a life long creative, it is the world that fuels the fire. Without having a deep connection and love for things like, liberty and justice,  the earth, the well being of others, creatives would have nothing to be creative about. Each of us does so in our own way. Through music, visual arts, the spoken word, literature, dance, so many outlets for creativity. So many opportunities to share our vision through our chosen medium. Whatever the motivation, for me it is an act of love. I love what I do. I could not imagine that I could have taken a different path. So here it is. Becomingand sustaining beauty, in all of it's guises, through expression, through scent and color.

and I say to people if you don't see it, the beauty, the hauntingly overwhelming emotion of life, seek it out, be a different kind of warrior. walk into the fire of love and let it consume you...

So this is where I am and what is motivating me to move forward. I hope that the new look and the new (around the block) direction of soivohle, will be as exciting to you as it is to me. That weird place that can only be appreciated by the accumulation of time, where everything old is new again.

Pricing and shipping Update

With much consideration, I have decided that our brand will remain exclusive to our online store. After closing our retail location two years ago I had intended to add a few retailers back to our little nest of sellers. Now that I am dividing my time between Soivohle and my painting career, I find that the demands are greater than anticipated.

This is not to say that we will not reach out again in the future, but for now I will be the chief cook and bottle washer around here.

Great news for our online customers because as we are not calculating a wholesale cut into our pricing I have made some adjustments to our prices across the board. We will be passing the savings on, to you our customers.

The greatest cuts have been to the Moderne Collection with a 30% savings then Street Collection with 20% and finally Naturals with a 15% savings.

I will be trimming the line and discontinuing the Natural Oil Parfums at the end of the month and adding the Street Collection Oils back to the website soon along with our new Street Collection perfume Gardenia Batik.

We will be implementing a modest shipping rate for all US orders and will continue to have a discount code of 10% off and free shipping for orders of 150.00 and up.

Thank You All for hanging with me/us over the years. Liz Zorn


We have updated our shipping to include Free Shipping on all US orders. Sample and sampler orders will ship in bubble mailers USPS First Class Parcel and Regular boxed orders will continue to ship FedEx Ground.

International Shipping is still oils only and price quoted according to destination, weight of package and insurance rates.



A big thank you to all of our customers and friends who have been so supportive of Soivohle. We move into the new year with a few good things on our plate, including the relaunch of a couple of favorites and the long awaited natural solids.

Look to see our new offerings in the spring and summer months.

We will be adding back the small 2.5ml atomizer sampler sets once we have our stock replenished. The vials are on back order and we will get them back online asap.

Feeling the good vibes, 2016 is going to be a great year! Best, Liz Zorn


Short Break

As we gear up for our fall and winter season, I am taking a few days off from Soivohle. A little down time before the rush. The shopping cart is still functional and you may place an order. It will be filled when I am back in the lab next week.

Thank You, Liz Zorn


The New Art Moderne page has finally launched. I know that some folks are happy with the selections and some were hoping that their favorite would be back. Of course this is the first wave of the launch, but still will be a very tightly trimmed collection going forward.

We have offerings in the 30ml presentation flacon, 5ml pocket spray and a three piece sampler tin. I hope to have the image of the sampler tin up before weeks end, but am now busy with the first orders since the launch.


Week in Review

More like two weeks but who's counting. I am moving right along with the new stuff. Have made my selections for the relaunch of the mixed media "Art Moderne" collection. If you are not seeing something it may be on the way, I have yet to batch Lilacs & Heliotrope and Rivertown Road. 

Soivohle Art Moderne - Mixed Media perfumes in 30ml atomizer flacons

Soivohle Art Moderne - Mixed Media perfumes in 30ml atomizer flacons

This is how it will look. I have chosen the artwork for each scent from my original paintings. I am very pleased with the first efforts and love how the images work with the scents themselves. I will be adding these all in one swoop, hopefully be weeks end.

STREET/STUDIO COLLECTION - These are also coming along. I will be bottling more this week and adding them to the website. Once I am finished with this first wave of relaunches, I will take a little break from adding more. My other day job is calling and I also have art obligations to attend to.

FALL/WINTER 2015 - I hope I can pull this off. I really want to launch my Alchemists Collection this fall. It is a naturals collection inspired by real life Alchemists throughout history. Some that have been favorites of mine and some who are more like mystical thinkers, scientists and magicians. I have two of the formulas finished. Paracelsus, who needs no introduction and Twelve Keys, based on the twelve keys of Basil Valentine.

SHIPPING - We go back and forth with shipping and what can ship where, laws changing, rates going up, etc... We do not ship anything to the EU UK anymore. Reasons: the codes for shipping alcohol have changed, we can ship to some countries, but the three page form that we used to have to fill out with Fedex is no longer applicable for some places and each country has their own set of codes. It takes forever to look these up and make sure they are the right noes for the country, and then there is a chance even when everything is done properly the items will still not pass customs. There are also brokerage fees in some countries with Fedex that rival the cost of shipping, which is also very high.

We still ship oils Internationally and samples to some places but it is very limited. I would suggest to our International customers is to set up a liaison account with a company like MYUS or something similar, where we can send your packages to them and they can send them on to you. I think they would have a better chance of getting through to you, and possibly cost less in the long run.

WHOLESALE/RETAILERS - I have set up a new wholesale page and am in the process of contacting some of the retailers who have expressed an interest in carrying Soivohle. When I closed the perfume shop last spring I also ended some retail relationships so that I would be able to regroup and restructure Soivohle. I needed to be able to manage the day to day, and have time for other things, like family or reading a book, or even having dinner with a friend. Closing the store made a huge difference, and it has allowed me to slowly put into place the changes you see happening now.

My aim is to keep the website, and work with other shops and sellers. If it all works out Soivohle will be in a few new places by the first of the year.