SIGNATURE NATURALS - Our long running collection of natural perfumes set into an organic cane (esprit de sucre) distillate. Available in an Parfum Absolute Spray concentration. These are the quirky personal creations that Soivohle is known for. The virtual bridge that connects my world of scent with my work as an abstract painter. This collection has always been a place to stretch the imagination and palette by incorporating unique and unusual tinctures, raw materials and unlikely combinations.

BOTANICAL ESSENCE OIL PARFUM (naturals) A collection of natural botanical oil perfumes. When first creating this line it was paramount that I address some of the concerns of natural perfume wearers. Most noteworthy the use or non use of animal musk and related ingredients. Our botanical essence oils do not contain any animal musk. Except where noted, all of the blends are vegan friendly. Where they are not vegan it is due to the incorporation of honey or beeswax absolute in the perfumes composition. Custom order, by request.

STELLAR ESSENCE BODY OILS  (naturals) From time to time I am able to acquire exquisite oils that are just too lovely on their own not to enjoy and share. As such I created these single note massage and body oils a few years ago and they continue to be a favorite of many. The availability is dependent on our available stock, and can change as new things become available.

ART MODERNE COLLECTION - Our premier mixed media collection with a high level of natural botanical ingredients. Many of these perfumes start out with an all natural palette that is enhanced to a lesser degree with materials that are not available in a natural material. We also use natural isolates instead of their synthetic counterparts where available, and all of the perfumes are set into an esprit de sucre(organic cane spirits) carrier. Our Art Moderne Collection is like a bridge that connects classic perfume sensibilities with fresh current ideas.

STREET COLLECTION - Takes the place of our Studio Collection but are essentially the same collection with a different name. They are mixed media perfumes with a somewhat lighter more approachable format. A combination of ideas and formulations that had their beginnings at our Cincinnati boutique, where clients were able to consult and create a custom scent in-house. The formulations may be less complicated than our naturals, but still incorporate a high standard of practice and ingredients, including the organic esprit de sucre (cane alcohol) that we use in all of our spirits based scents. Stay tuned as we are adding these back in one at a time as they are available.

Archive - You may still request a special scent from past collections. If I have the materials in stock or am able to make it I will create a custom order for you.  email me here for more info.

SOIVOHLE' is an independent artisan perfumery owned and operated by me, artist/perfumer Liz Zorn. I launched our first small collection of natural perfumes in 2002 going online with them in 2005. Since then we have expanded the line to include a mixed media collection and various related products. The name Soivohle (pronounced see-voh) is an acronym for Sending Out Inspired Vibrations of Healthy Loving Energy. Yeah! that's how I roll, how we roll here at Soivohle. Keeping the good vibes alive and spreading a little smelly good cheer along our way.  Thank You!! for stopping by and supporting Soivohle.