SOIVOHLE' is an independent artisan perfumery owned and operated by me, artist/perfumer Liz Zorn. I launched our first small collection of natural perfumes in 2002 going online with them in 2005. Since then I have expanded the line to include a mixed media collection and various related products. The name Soivohle (pronounced see-voh) is an acronym for Sending Out Inspired Vibrations of Healthy Loving Energy. Yeah! that's how I roll, how we roll here at Soivohle. Keeping the good vibes alive and spreading a little smelly good cheer along our way. 
Every perfume that I create is batched by hand, bottled and packaged in my small Ohio Atelier. My desire with perfumery has always been to expand on my vision as a visual artist.
Each perfume is a scent journey that is informed by my day to day. My work (all of it) speaks to the Zen concept of Shoshin (beginners mind) where the act of creating is like starting each day with a clean slate, allowing the energies of the day, the ambient noise and inner rumblings to inform the process and outcome. It is a fresh and intuitive way of working. It never gets old and I am always surprised at where I end up.
The artwork for the soivohle packaging was and continues to be snippets from this painting."Better Angels"
It was sold to a collector in California, but the energy of this sentiment and the Better Angels of our nature are always a driving force for me in life and work.
Having the ability to steer my art and career in an intentional direction is a luxury and a joy. I find that to maintain that balance it is important to always be reaching instead of feeling that I have arrived.   Liz Zorn