Online since 2005 Soivohle is an independent artisan perfumery that focuses attention to detail.
Pulling from the past and looking to the future. Hand blended and bottled in small batches in my Ohio Atelier

I have always loved odd and quirky smells. Making perfume (for me) is the ability and challenge to combine the
obscure smells with others that are more pleasing and familiar. A modern syncopated dance of chaos and desire
Liz Zorn: Perfumer, Soivohle

SOIVOHLE: What does that mean. Soivohle is an acronym it stands for…
Sending Out Inspired Vibrations Of Healthy Loving Energy
How do you pronounce Soivohle: see-vo ~ see-voh


Complimentary Samples included with each order
Coupon codes: automatic discounts apply for free shipping over 75.00, free ship and 10% off over 150.00 USA only

At the end of each month we now draw a name from the months receipts.
The lucky winner receives a complimentary bottle of perfume.

Soivohle perfumes ships to all USA locations: We ship ground USPS and Fed Ex depending on the size and value of the package. For information on international shipping please contact us directly. We do ship all of our oil based products and small samples up to 2ml to some countries. Shipping rates are quoted on an individual basis.

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